“Wake Up Now” Scam? Can You Really Make Money with Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now Scam?

Wake Up NowI really don’t see what all the hype is about with Wake up Now. When I first reviewed the information on the company a few months back, initially I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t jump to join because I wasn’t too thrilled with their compensation plan. Now don’t get me wrong, joining Wake Up Now as a member is a not that bad of an idea. You get coupons and discounts on a few various things. But if you’re joining Wake Up Now, to make MONEY (which is the mostly likely why you joined or are thinking about joining),  you may want to reconsider. Wake Up Now is no different from the majority of other MLM’s. Their compensation plan is designed to make the owners of the company RICH, while 90% of their business owners will barely break even.

The Problem With Wake Up Now

The problem with Wake Up Now is the same problem with Network Marketing in general. You see, the MLM structure is just too deep. What I mean by that, is that you need hundreds and thousands of  ACTIVE members in your organization to make a full time income. It’s just not viable for the majority of entrepreneurs these days because people will end up quitting on you faster than ever before. For example, the F7  position with Wake Up Now requires that you a team of 889 people! Yes it pays out over $10,000 per month, but realistically, the average person is not going to be able to build a team that deep. A team of 889 ACTIVE people would generate over $88,000 per month in revenue for Wake Up Now. The problem I have with that is, they’re only paying you $10,000 per month. That’s only about 16% and you’re doing all the work!  The other 84% of the money goes to the owners of the company.  This is the reason why the vast majority (97%) of people involved in any MLM never make any real money.  The companies are greedy and keep most of the commissions for themselves!

Wake up Now

Your Commissions Get Smaller as You ADVANCE in the Comp Plan!

The Problem with Wake Up Now’s Compensation Plan


$600 a Month isn’t all that Life Changing

When you recruit 3 people who join at the platinum membership you will get a commission of $100. Only when you recruit these 3 individuals will you get paid, you will not receive a commission for every individual you recruit.Not to leave out that you do not earn commissions for IBOs who may come in at the lower levels. That’s the first red flag. The way that most Wake Up Now members hype prospects up is this “600 club” that they promote. The 600 club is when you hit the Founder 3 position. If you want to make $600 monthly your three recruits have to recruit three recruits EACH. Doing the math, you would have to have 3 recruits and a combined down line of 12 people just to make $600. While 600 bucks per month isn’t all that life-changing, it’s what’s drawing people in to the hype of actually earning a full time income with Wake Up Now.

 But, let’s say that you’ve joined Wake Up Now and your goal is to reach the Founder 6 position where you will earn around $9,000 per month including bonuses.  Let’s do the math. It takes 445 people under you to hit that position.  That’s 445 people paying $100 per month for their memberships. So when you hit the F6 position, you are generating a whopping $44,500 per month in revenue for the company! Almost $45K per month in sales. 82% of that goes back to the company while you’re the one putting in the work. Now to lure you, they throw in a lease on a luxury car and all, but wouldn’t you rather own you it? Look, the bottom line is that you’re at a disadvantage when it comes to earning a full time income with Wake Up Now because you need hundreds and hundreds of people to duplicate your efforts.

Wake Up Now or Xplocial?

Choosing between Wake Up Now and Xplocial is really simple. It all comes down to the compensation plan.

Xplocial  allows you to earn more money with a much smaller team because it pays 100% commissions.

Remember example of becoming a Founder 6 with Wake Up Now? That positions requires 445 people, right? You’d be earning about 18% commissions, right? The monthly payout for that position is about $9,000 per month including bonuses right? Well with Xplocial, you would be earning a cool $57,000 per month. Would you rather earn $9K per month or $57K per month? You see Xplocial pays 100% commissions. Xplocial is different because it’s not a MLM. Xplocial does not keep 80% of your money like Wake Up Now does. This is why Xplocial is making waves throughout the network marketing community. It’s a game changer! Check out the comparison chart below.


Wake Up Now vs. Xplocial Which looks better to you?

Final Thoughts on Wake Up Now

To recap, there’s no way I would join Wake Up Now if I wanted to make a full-time income. While the compensation plan is decent, you’re still making around 14-18 percent commissions IF you are able to reach the positions required to earn a 6 figure income. You would be doing all of the work and the company would be keeping most of the money.  Sounds like the old J.O.B huh?  And the reality is that 90-95%  of IBO’s will never get higher than the F3 position where you’d be earning $600 bucks per month.  I would recommend that you take a look at Xplocial before you join Wake Up Now. Xplocial’s compensation plan pays out 100% commissions and it’s not based on matrix or binary pay plan that pays you smaller commissions as you advance. Sometimes  joining  MLM companies is worst than having a JOB! It’s time to wise up and stop  making other companies rich,  while YOU do all of the work. Be your own boss and keep ALL of the money you earn with Xplocial and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  It will be the best decision you’ve ever made! Wake up Now isn’t a scam but it sure pays like one!

wake up now
wake up now


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